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True CrimeCannibal Killer Sent Body Parts In The Post
The first ghastly parcel was delivered to Canada’s Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on May 29th, 2012. Foul-smelling and bloodstained, it contained a man’s left foot. A note with it said the foot was one of six body parts being distributed, and that the killer would slay again.
On the same day a man’s left hand was found in a package at a Montreal postal sorting office. The parcel was addressed to the Canadian Liberal Party’s head office.
Shortly afterwards, a caretaker discovered a decomposing torso in a suitcase left in a pile of rubbish behind a Montreal apartment block. The next day, May 30th, the authorities confirmed that the foot, hand and torso belonged to the same man, and on June 1st he was identified as Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student who had been studying in Montreal.
He was known to have been in a relationship with Luka Rocco Magnotta, a 29-year-old gay Canadian porn actor, and he had disappeared on May 24th.
On the 25th a snuff video titled One Lunatic One Ice Pick had been posted on a Canadian website. It showed a naked Asian man, believed to be Jun Lin, tied to a metal bed frame. He was being stabbed with an ice pick by a man believed to be Magnotta, who revealed that he had slashed the victim’s throat.
The video then showed the killer performing sexual acts with the corpse before decapitating and dismembering it. He also appeared to eat some of the flesh, using a knife and fork. Read the full horrific report in True Crime May – out now! more »
Master DetectiveSharon's Horrific Life Of Kidnap, Rape and Murder
Sharon Marshall was 20 when she was murdered. That wasn’t her real name. She had been Suzanne Davis, Tonya Tadlock, Tonya Hughes and none of those were her real name either. The truth was, no one really knew who Sharon Marshall was.
What is known is that she was a brilliant high school pupil, a nude dancer, a prostitute. She was kidnapped and brought up from the age of four as his daughter by a violent paedophile, who forced her to marry him before he killed her and her child.
Throughout that time he had forced her to have sex with him, abused her and had taken pornographic pictures of her.
As she grew into maturity he became her pimp, “persuading” her to become a nightclub stripper and to engage in prostitution. In due time he was to marry her and, when she at last tried to escape from his terrifying bondage, he was to murder her and her young son.
In her short life she frequently managed to blot out from her mind the career of vice forced upon her by her “stepfather,” and appear perfectly normal. It was this extraordinary double persona more than any other aspect of her amazing career that baffled FBI agents investigating the three murders that punctuated her short life. Read the complete horrific case report in Master Detective May… more »
True DetectiveWhen 17-Year-Old Janice Was Sentenced To Death
Kindness exuded from 19-year-old Demetra Parker, who came from Dyersburg, a farming town in West Tennessee. She just wanted to help. She was the Good Samaritan; all the world was her friend.
When her boyfriend of six years found a job in the neighbouring state of Georgia, she wanted to be near him, so she got a job at a carpet binding firm in Dalton, Georgia, and moved into a nearby motel, the Country Boy Inn.
The Country Boy had a mixed clientele, among them a young couple, Danny and Janice Buttrum, with a 19-month-old baby girl named Mariena.
A wiser, more worldly person than Demetra might have known to have given them a wide berth but, bright and chatty as ever, she was soon on friendly terms, and especially with baby Mariena, who adored her.
The Buttrums were twice as lethal as a sexual sadist because they were both sexual sadists, a toxic mix of repressed evil waiting to spring out at someone – someone just like Demetra Parker.
They were the wolves, and in Demetra they had just found a lamb to slaughter…Read the rest of this heartbreaking tale of cruel murder in True Detective May… more »
Murder Most FoulHit List Of Yorkshire’s Four-Time Killer
Hardly a day seems to pass without news of yet another killing. But two double-murders, discovered the same day, just 25 miles apart? That was different, a horrific innovation, and evidence found at the crime scenes showed that the four slayings were linked.
On Sunday, July 18th, 2004, the bodies of 27-year-old twin sisters Diane and Claire Sanderson were found by a relative at the flat Claire shared with her boyfriend Mark Hobson, a divorced 34-year-old father of one, at Camblesforth, near Selby, North Yorkshire. Three hours later the corpses of John Britton, 80, and his 82-year-old wife Joan were discovered in their large detached house at Strensall, near York. All four victims had died violent deaths.
Hobson had gone on the run, to become Britain’s most wanted man as a nationwide hunt was launched for him. The bald binman had lost his previous job at a cardboard box factory when he was convicted of stabbing another man five times, and the police now warned the public that he was dangerous and should not to be approached.
In the Camblesforth flat, detectives found his handwritten shopping list which included fly spray, air freshener, tape and bin liners – all items used in the murders or to clean up afterwards, indicating that the murders were pre-planned. A bloodstained hammer and black cable-ties were also found, and six fingerprints left by Hobson were discovered at the Brittons’ home – three on the door from the kitchen to the hall, and three more on shoe boxes in a bedroom.
As the investigation continued, the police learned that Hobson had tried to sell Diane’s Peugeot 306 for £400, telling a couple he approached that he needed the money because he was emigrating with his girlfriend and her sister. But Detective Superintendent Javad Ali said the suspect’s passport had been accounted for, and he was believed to be still in the UK…Read the complete report in Murder Most Foul 95 - out now!... more »
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